WINEMAKERS ARE OFTEN considered an odd lot. A good number of them hug trees, wear Birkenstocks, and so on. But there is a movement sweeping the
wine world that makes Greenpeace look moderate.

It's "biodynamics," a form of viticulture in which all the work in the vineyard and the cellar is performed in accordance with the cycles of the moon and the alignment of the planets.    READ FULL ARTICLE

It may not have the status of Bordeaux. It may not have the magic of Burgundy. It certainly doesn’t have the glamour of Napa.

But for the American wine writer and consultant Ronn Wiegand – one of only four individuals in the world to hold both the Master of Wine and Master Sommelier titles – there is one wine type that offers more than any other. “Riesling has everything you could ever hope for in a grape,” he says. “And the best examples come from Germany.”      READ FULL ARTICLE

Seeking Santorini

Wine Feature Greece     AUTHOR Jean K Reilly MW   PUBLICATION Le Pan Magazine  

White Gold

Germany 2015   AUTHOR Jean K Reilly MW    PUBLICATION Le Pan Magazine

Moonshine Part 1   AUTHOR Jean K Reilly MW   PUBLICATION Fortune Magazine

In spite of a rebound in the second half of the year, wine auction sales struggled to match last year’s figure and ended up down 0.42% from 2014. After a disappointing start to the year, auction sales rose in the last half by 8.8% to finish nearly flat with last year and bring the total to US$ 288.5 million.

Total volume through the system was also nearly flat at 87,000 lots on offer across the year's sales by all houses, just 500 fewer lots in the aggregate than last year.    READ FULL ARTICLE


My love affair with Greek wine began illegally. Sort of. Aged 19, a good two years before I would have been allowed to drink legally at home in New York, I moved to Paris. Freed from puritanical restrictions on alcohol consumption, I threw myself into discovering the world’s wines. One fine spring day, I found myself in a Greek restaurant with some fellow students. My friend’s boyfriend scanned the wine list and ordered a bottle of Greek wine with all the confidence of a man who knows the best wines in every corner of the world – at the tender age of 23.

He chose a Santorini, a wine made on the eponymous island, from the Assyrtiko grape.     READ FULL ARTICLE

Falling at 200 MPH

Is 'a Great Stress Reliever'   AUTHOR Jen Murphy   PUBLICATION The Wall Street Journal  

Many people turn to a glass of wine to lower their stress levels. But when Jean K. Reilly was studying for the Institute of Masters of Wine Exam, wine was the cause of her stress. "The pass rate is lower than the bar," says Ms. Reilly, an independent wine-buying consultant in New York City.


To escape the pressure, Ms. Reilly, 46, took up sky diving. Why not just yoga or meditation? "When you're doing yoga, you can still think about other things," she says. "When you're falling through the air at 100 miles per hour, you have to be focused."    LINK TO ARTICLE AND VIDEO  

Wine Auction

Sales Fizzle     AUTHOR Charles Curtis MW   PUBLICATION Wine Alpha